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Stupid brain, can't sleep

Just as I was almost drifting off to sleep at 1030 i woke up. I thought could hear the Super Mecha Cat Box getting stuck and grinding through its track over and over again, and suddenly I needed to pee. I threw the cat and covers off gently and padded to the bathroom, and I thought I heard my phone buzz, although the cat box had stopped instantly as I rose (maybe I dreamed it).

The phone buzzed more on my way back and I checked it. A completely different (from yesterday's) friend who I hadn't seen or talked to in years had called twice, so I called him back to see what was up, figuring he and his wife were in town. And they were, sort of, although there's no chance of catching them before they make it back out tomorrow. Still we chatted for several minutes, and then I tucked back in to try and sleep.

Yeah, so after that I started the sleepy music cd again, it having cycled. It's on track six now of it's third run through and it is noon, ffs.

I don't quite know what I did wrong. I did have coffee, but not that much. I accounted for half a pot of weak Folgers crap and finished the last of it before 400, was home and trying to sleep just after 9. I probably snacked a little too much in that last tired hour of my shift but ... argh.

I didn't just hop out of bed first thing either. By then time I gave up and came over to post, even the cat had given up and left the bed. In four minutes I'll start the cd again and get back in bed.

Update argh: I made it out of the house, barely on time. This after an hour and a half long struggle to get out of bed, complete with waking up, setting the alarm back, going back to sleep, waking up, setting the alarm back, roommates I don't live with and the their children harassing and threatening me to get out of bed *discontinuity* ... wait that didn't happen, and neither did some of the alarm setting back (a damn good thing) ... I was so slagged that I had not the slightest idea what time it actually was the last two times I punted the cat and the covers off me. And of course, I feel just wonderful now, having breakfast at work.
Tags: insomnia

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