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Mutter, spit, rant, wtf.

Why do users put up with computers again? I am defeated, please feel free to skip the following rant.

In order to attempt to get a tag cloud gadget into this swank S2 thingy (which is the only reason I even bothered to switch, having seen a few of them around) I googled around and found some javascript and css in a post about tags and styles. Great, I say, some code and some CSS to put in and ... wait where the fuck does this go? *cue rabbit hole sequence, Alice* So, I google and link, and I try dropping the code in a few places to see if anything exciting happens. I did get it to print the source of the javascript crap into my LJ, that was fun ... Now I have three (recursive ??) tabs open to tutorials which might actually give me the clue fragment I need, but I don't care anymore. Apparently I need to add a Text Area to the Sidebar, which goes in the Theme Layer of the Layout I picked (after looking at the selections for < 5 minutes and picking a blue one that seemed nice). Except maybe I don't have any extra sidebar text area or a Theme Layer (Or do I??). *poof*

It's great that the theming and layout operating system is so flexible, really, but um, wtf? Maybe we should've have drawn the line at letting them pick colours, not unlike Henry Ford. Kudos to Support and the volunteers for writing those pages. This is me still not learning CSS layers and positioning, waiting quietly for it to die *stab*
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