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Mac Intel Lispbox download is 64 bit only


I'm a big fan of the book, although still trying to hack my way through some of the easy bits, I must admit. When trying to get Lispbox (back) onto my laptop (due to unscheduled disk wipe from Leopard installer) I found the simplified downloads list and grabbed the only option for Mac Intel , the lispbox-openmcl-darwinx8664-0.7 dmg and give it a whirl ... but it doesn't well, whirl. pops up and is never able to connect to the slime-server, eventually gives up and says something about binary version.

This and other clues led me to realize this was the x86-64 build (specifically it seem the OpenMCL is built 64 bit), and I can't run that, since my MacBook Pro is 32 bit only. I will cheerfully agree that Apple has gone overboard with the Universal (fat) Binaries thing and made this all very confusing. If you could label that download as 64 bit a little bit more clearly it might same some others some trouble, and you some pesky emails. And of course if you could provide a 32 bit build , well, that would be just lovely.

Thanks for writing and sharing such a cool book. I'll continue to recommend it to everyone who needs a little help getting their head around Lisp.

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