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Shopping success!

I woke up early again, had a lovely breakfast of tea and a bacon sandwich (thanks feyrieprincess)(on light toast with only a little mayo), showered, dressed, checked my lists and was off to le Supre Target.

I got everything on the actual groceries list (kibble, juice, milk, eggs, hummous, drain enzyzmes, eggos, some bulbs to try in the fan lights (more success! Light!) and some replacement greenie bulbs for lamps) and one of their premade mini quiches for the eating .. and from the other list...

Patience is rewarded and Target now stocks leather gloves and even mittens! (although not online) The mittens are fingered inside, and the XL is rather snug on my large paws.. I did look over their clearance leather colars and such but it was all either brown or .. has little skull and rhinestone eyes (??!!). This craft project is merely,finally begun.. what gauge needle would be good for hard tanned belt leather?

And I only bought one undershirt. I priced several items of interest including thermometers, neck pillows (the non microwaveable kind ..ahem), spatulas and turners, the blood thirsty kitchen shears .. and bought none of them (yay). Oh! And I got my paw on the grip of the new Dyson weapon, picture up later. And about ten Target bags, no extra charge ;)

The cold stuff is put away, the tub drain is catalyzing, the bedroom is lit .. with so much accomplishment, I really can't see any way this day can go but straight down hill :P
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