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What show is this, hmm? (a Media Update)

In which even the self-censorship PSAs have a little fun: Have a look at Boss of Dominatrix Although apparently not available en Espanol yet, this does air, as I saw part of it on CNN (with close-captions).

Crescent (a sci-fi horror podcast novel) is coming along nicely. For all of the cliches and odd choice, it's a fun listen, particularly when you are not paying too close attention. Of course some bits are worth going back for, and I've actually started over the current episode (26) after nearly finishing it. The clue for me was not being able to recall quite how a particular character died. There's some great stuff in this episode and not the least of it is a remark by the lead character Gerald who admits that not only is he 'not a hero but he's not too damned bright'. The story before and after this admission bear it out, but in an entertaining way. Another interesting bit was this brief plot holiday, in which characters and listeners alike were allowed to relax a bit and think of some things as resolved .. which bring me spoiler-less-ly to another interesting bit about Crescent: two separate competing adversarial antagonists

I finished One Among the Sleepless (a noisy neighbours podcast novel) and I think I enjoyed it quite a bit overall. I did skim a bit, and skip a couple eps entirely (more due to iTunes/iPod auto-delete misfeature than intent), but I was fairly ravenously devouring it, and found most of the morsels quite tasty. And yes, to keep with the theme of the post, there is a dominatrix...

Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) is a fantastic release with a buggy installer. I could go on for pages of all of the new stuff, the fixed stuff, but Ars Technica already did. Their review is not for the faint of heart, mind you .. All over it's a fantastic release, chock full of great stuff that will now make it even more painful to try and use other so-called personal computers that don't have it. (QuickLook, for one) Here's a tasty tidbit: They shipped Subversion (and RubyCocoa and .. ). It runs faster on my MBP 17 than Tiger did. If only more OS distributors could do that every release... *wist* Oh, and I mustn't forget: the installer is kinda lossy. Backup twice, and be prepared to do a wipe and install .. even if that isn't the original plan. Or you could just use a really clean disk and pray. After you backup.In fact you should buy something like these Backup drives before you install. And then you can use Time Machine, hooray.

I've finished the tutorial for, and have mostly imported old NanoWrimo crap into, my fresh new copy of Scrivener, an amazing working tool for writing and organizing writing written by this fellow (who is quite correct in his blog about Apple screwing the Select Developers on the Leopard beta release, btw). In addition to being a really cool tool that I hope to get lots of use out of, Scrivener is a fantastic example of independent Mac OS X development and the power of the platform. Oh and I found about Scrivener from the always enlightening LJ superstar folk. Cheers!

I haven't read much on dead trees lately. I'm finally starting to make good progress on the "Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology" screed I grabbed an ebook of awhile back. It really is quite good. He asks many of the right questions and even provides some answers from his personal experiences and professional knowledge. His approach to "what's so special about Western nations?" was particularly savoury, even though he hasn't much of an answer .. and in fact that's the strength of the piece. In a peculiar way his manner of discussing what a science would be like (without trying to create it himself) and asking very good questions (without answering them, at least not fully). I may have to dig out more on this David Graeber fellow, as he hasn't disappointed yet.

And then I spent the last twenty minutes updating sone of my scripts for the new version on rbosa (0.4, now available as a gem). Fun, a little. And now, @coffee.

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