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"Why does that nurse have a coffee filter on her head?"

So, after an exceedingly pleasant Friday evening, we eventually crawled out into the light to go get tacos and stroll around Best Buy making fun of their product line. It's fun, you should try it. Just watch out for the middle aged guy playing Guitar Hero in the aisle. Yikes.

"Kittys are fun. Usually. Except when they catch fire in the microwave." from IM

And having made it back to the house, we settle in for movies, and I get out the laptop, determined to at least stay caught up if I don't actually hack or write anything worthwhile. And towards the middle of Psycho it becomes apparent that I'll not be leaving to go check on the cat soon, so I call one more movie (Ninth Gate) and slip back into pjs. And I'm IMing ...

Did I mention I've been chatting up a local switchy girl I met on a very silly website? (Note: Yahoo video quality is jumpy and tiny (shitty in technical language), particularly over wireless, and iChat didn't do any better today). So, her parents show up, and her da settles into the couch next to but not really near me, and we chat a little. He has some lovely pics from the Games..

And so, shortly I'm chatting on IM with that new acquaintance, flirting heavily, while sitting on the couch in my pjs, watching Satanic movies with kittyglitter's parents, and occasionally looking briefly at mildly amusing pics that I'm getting in GMail ..

So, you know those neck pillows, that you can heat n the microwave? They come in various shapes, like the abstract malformed toroid snake, and one like a longish cat. And now for some more from IM:
me:Yeah, they make one that's cat-shaped, cute little head, paws, tail..
me:Yes, very cute.
me:It's smoldering , sodden corpse is on the porch.
[and a bit later]
me:Kittys are fun. Usually.
me:Except when they catch fire in the microwave.
her:lol  yea...  i wouldnt wanna be that kinda kitty

Yeah, so ... apparently when I put in the microwave to reheat again, I failed somehow (dex check? cooking?) and it couldn't turn. It got stuck against the side of the cavern of the microwave and er .. caught fire slightly. It was smoldering when she pulled it out, and blackened beans spilled all over. The grocery bag was melting, and she lay it on the counter to open the door and turn the fans up (I had asked, "Uh.. do you have a smoke detector?'). Even half in a bag on the counter it was still smoking, and we wisely sent it out back, and she dumped a watering can over it. Pics later..

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