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Cable Modem non-updates

Some things have happened with that whole mess that need to be added (which is not to say that it works or anything...)

There were a couple more calls. One seemed particularly fruitful, as the nice youngman in Newfoundland was new on the job, and had not yet developed callouses (sp?). He helped me add the Mac's network card to the list they have, and when that failed to work, actaully tried to do a warm handoff to the peoole who schedule the trucks to roll. He failed but I did get to them a bit later. The young man there poked at my account and concluded that when (at the end of May) I had gotten fed up with the whole mess and told someone on their website to cancel my service, they had. He sxeemed to think the account was closed, and that someone had disconnected my service on May 31 (ad it was scheduled online). He seemed to think that I would need to talk to sales to reactivae my account, and have someone come reconnect me, and that was the problem. That was Sunday afternoon 17 June. Sales has hours of course, so I couldn't reach them then...

Mp>A few days later, as I repeated fai to wake up early enough to reach sales (8-5), while I am off seeing a movie (....) with some friends, a mysterious fellow shows up at the door and hands him a package, strongly suggesting it will solve my problems and that it will work on a Mac... Dad showed this to me, oh, 30 minutes ago or so, after he got up.</p>

the package is the activation package. It is assumed that I should probably have got one of these when they installed the service on 2 April. *giggle* These guys are so much fun. I am just laughing my ass off at the fits the corporate lawyers would go into if they knew about that little SNAFU..

The package is indeed nifty. The cd in it calls itself variously Virtual Truck and Virtual Technician and allows for easy self installs of the software (particularly with a USB modem, whihc I neither have nor want..) I installed it, answering a few questions simillar to:

  • What is your name?

  • Who do you owe fealty to?

  • What is the flight speed of an unladen swallow?

  • and the like

The result: Unable to get lease from DHCP server is precisely what every other system I had tried last month had told me (which you'd know because the later edits of this will include that information earlier, as well as the details of cancelling service which is all I have been able to accomplish with their customer support, other than finding out the weather in eastern Canada), but now their software is saying it, so maybe it will mean more to them ...


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