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Can't Sleep yet, Brain noisy

So, I came downstairs to type some of in and have a slice of bread. In the hopes that the power of the Wolverine book1 might help me get to sleep soon.

And there's one email, fully composed in head upstairs in bed, typed and sent. The to-do list is swelling, but I''m not intending to go into that much here, other to note for later that I should lazyweb the diet and metabolism question before buying the food. And some Hebrew Nationals..

I am switching schedules, as expected. Against the annoyance of the meeting with the big boss, with inspecific notable errors in judgement that he has no handy examples of (...) there was a later discussion in the NOC about our internal documentation, during which, as an aside, my actual boss said that some of my wiki dribblings are 'some of the best writing on the subject he's ever seen'4. I thanked him quickly, but I think I should wow a bit more. And translate some of that drivel into my wiki (planned anyway). As he would know, being on Google Video talking about and stuff..

I has a LJ seekrit, but I can't share the giggle with anyone else. Still, it's tooooo funny, as those in the know agree. *gigglesnort* That panini (sp?) was as big as my head!

And let's see, what else... Oh, I put through the ginormous LB order, quite a bit more than previous post. Hopefully the overdose will keep me from needing a fix for awhile, sheesh.

Need to write up more books, probably starting with the PHP security book2 and the Apache sec book3 I haven't cracked yet. Hmmm ...

So, are the new USA episodes of Criminal Intent the ones with Ms Witt? I has confusion, as does my TiVo. And what is the correlation between shibari on L&O with ponyplay on Bones, if any ?

Started the Borges fiction tome finally, and am perhaps two stories in. They are remarkable good little stories, although I'm not sure they were about anything at all .. the translation is vibrant and uses a complex vocabulary. It almost makes me want to break myself against some of the original text ... and, um, is he science fiction, literature, or .. ? I still haven't read any Marquez, despite having know cosmiclola for er, well this LJ's entire life.

Okay, I go try sleep again now. This SoC brought you by insomnia, and these fine sponsors:

1 Limoncelli's Wolverine (O'Reilly) on Amazon
2 Lizard?
3 Arabian Stallion ?? They've used all the easy animals ...
4: That was what I heard, but apparently what he said is "that's the best security documentation we have, better than mine even", which is more believable and way better anyway.

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