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Your Tuesday Update

I'd a pleasantly quiet and dull weekend. Watched a remarkably terrible movie with cosmiclola and hung out some Saturday and Sunday. 30 Days of Blech.

And pleasantly enough got little else done. Watched a disc of Ghost in the Shell off Netflix, got caught up on CSI on TiVo.. oh and upgraded my pocket secretary to a newer unit (72), thanks to the eBay and the Postal Service. Still fussing with my old tainted calendars, may have to finally purge and start over on one of them.

Finished out one ep of Twilight Zone (Klugman, pool) and headed upstairs at 1ish, did my crunches and got into bed [..] and was asleep in a little bit, though not quickly. Woke up several time during the morning, went back to sleep, and thus, when the alarm went off (9), I had many negative modifiers and failed my roll, and woke up again at 10:30. I rushed out of the house, and was only about 15 minutes late clocking in. Grr.
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