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So, wtf is it?

So, in last night's discussion, at least one of the purposes of this work1 came up(viz. what is love, at least as people speak of it), and an answer was suggested. I don't like it very much.

Is love just infatuation that lasts a long(er) time? The idea of "the person who first comes to your mind" is romantic, but surely that's more subject to logistics and scheduling than anything else .. and the idea of someone who only they can make you feel better when you are down .. sounds a little bit off. Not that's it isn't an attractive idea, mind you. I do get that part.

Overall even, I don't buy this. Infatuation (previously referred to in these pages as "chick-on-the-brain") is transitory, is it not? Is this not the same commonly cited error as mixing up "crushes" (aka puppy love) with "real love" (whatever that is).

I understand the long term aspect, and the commitment it implies. It's completely daunting and improbable, but I can certainly understand the appeal.

Bah. Seems that experiment's failure was completely non-productive. I don't seem to have learned anything, and that pisses me off.

1: By which we mean obviously slamming my head against a brick wall in a steady rhythm dating

Edit 21:18: updated the upic with a more appropriate one

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