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Of the set, I collected cuddles from three before returning to work today, which was quite nice. There is definitely weirdness afoot.

And I don't just mean getting instructions from Mistress and reports from a subby woman in the same gmail box. That was weird, but in an altogether good way.

No the weirdness is in the scheduling (as before, but more so). Particularly in the quite odd "I'm pleased and flattered that you want me to sleep here with you, but I hadn't planned on it, am not sleepy, and you're going to work at dawn, and I might have other plans tonight" except that it was more like, trying to bring that up and getting shushed, and trying to crawl out of bed and getting pulled back in.

If I wasn't so dense I might think she was interested in seeing more of me, eh?

With the continued strangeness all around and a possible change in my work shift coming up soon ... hmmmmm

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