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Weekend? Media.

Had a nice time at the Dungeon Friday night before fleeing the crowds and finding out we were v. tired and crashing. Saturday watched movies (Charlie's Angels, Omen, The Great Escape, Ultraviolet) with kittyglitter for most of the day (keeping the couch from escaping, and other lessons were learned as well) and then gave sotto_voce a ride home from the homeless shelter Arts Center and watched Chisaii Gaijin Iron Chef .. which was rather strange.

Sunday, I slacked around the house mostly and then caught up with cosmiclola for a lovely dinner of vindaloo and a showing of A Dog's Breakfast, which is a lot of fun, particular for Stargate junkies. It was good to get a chance to hang out with her and catch up. I have much more respect for the Yaris now, despite seeing one in Psyched.

I finished The Gripping Hand, and perhaps too quickly. Also, the book's (end) was rather sudden and abrupt-seeming. I think I grasp the galactic strategic objectives that were in play and I don't question that they were resolved. I guess this is what people were saying when they liked the sequel not nearly as much as the original classic. Still it does resolve nearly all of the major issues from both books before stopping, I just feel like I missed some stuff, and I know I was barely following the complex space battles (...)

the movies:

Charlie's Angel
Silly fun. I do think that there is nothing in this movie that is not ironic or sarcastic. If that is the case then the filmmakers deserve more credit for their achievement.

The Omen
The original, which I'd never seen, is quite good. Material that could have seemed silly was handled seriously, and the creepy things were creepy. Like the boy, yeesh.

The Great Escape
An immensely long and depressing movie that Eddie Izzard has made sound far too good. Ugh, a few cute scenes and some brush up on your basic German, Russian and French do not make this long and ultimately near-pointless

Really really bad. And nonsensical and disjointed. And flashy and pretty in places. Note that it would take more than the several shots of Ms. Jovovich's ass in coloured leather to justify the creation or viewing of this .. waste

A Dog's Breakfast
David Hewlett of Stargate wrote and directed this genuine weird and funny movie starring his dog, his sister and at least one other Stargate cast member: If you ever enjoyed McKay on SG or just like quirky movies about murdered fiancees this is a easy win. Also good if you enjoy making fun of Stargate, as these people do too, and they work there.

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