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Get off my case!

I'm young still, and am finally managing to hold down a job AND have some fun with my friends. I deeply resent anyones' attempts to place responsibilities on me that I did not choose and that are not mine. (*gently shoves cat away from keyboard throughout typing this post*)

I missed my idiot brother's accidental daughter first birthday party noon Saturday. Although I received a cute Pooh invitation I had not rsvp'd nor had I planned to go before he called last week and asked me to come. Gah. So, Fri night before bed I mentioned it, and the tentative plan was in place. Not that I'd gotten a card or a gift or anything..

And Saturday morning stuff happened, as it tends to. At 12:30 when I was upright and could open my laptop I replied to the directions mail that I wasn't going to be able to make it, that if I left right that instant I'd barely get there before 2 (the closing time of the party).
I deliberately did not call, as I did not have any useful response to the hurt feelings that may have been generated. Similarly I'm not caling him back today...

So, more calls yesterday and today. I called my Dad back to make sure there wasn't something of actual import going on, and he merely delivered guilt about me not being there, saying it was 'important'.

WTF ever. F-ing relatives (and I actually do okay with my mom and dad). Did I ask everyone I'm kin to to come over for tea the last couple times I got fired, failed out of school, or had a messy breakup? Why do I get shit for not wanting to help validate his massive errors in judgment?

And how tf am I supposed to help them raise their child, take on some of the responsibility for their stupid, when I've got plenty of my own AND people in my family with children (and some sense about them) to look out for?
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