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Um... fmif, at least it's frelling Friday

Shortly after getting back to my notebook from my lunch--

Okay stop there. I ordered a doner combo with no lettuce, and he repeated that back to me, as if confirming my request. My doner (Turk for the Greek 'gyro') had salad on it. Not lettuce, salad. I declined to photograph it, but there where onions, diced tomatoes, shreds of carrot .. it in every way resembled the bag'o'salad 'available now in your grocer's freezer section'

Right so after that, a few minutes after I sit down, my keitei buzzes with a call from an 800 number. Amused, I answer it. It's Microsoft. The poor fellow is doing a follow up call due to my signing up for and not yet experiencing a Virtual Lab, and wants to know if I have any questions for him. But what he said was something like "I wanted to know if you could tell me what Business Cases motivated you to attend the Virtual Lab" only it was swarmier and I can't recall the jargon..

I explained fairly quickly that I was looking for a way to automate the adding and modifying of websites and virtual hosts on IIS as the manual way sucks and we have well-developed tools to do this on Linux. I told him I was looking into the various scripting hooks and came across PowerShell, and that that looked like the answer for the next Server release, but that it hadn't all been released yet (the scripts). I mentioned that amongst the blogs (channel9 and others) and various other websites there was plenty of information available, but that what I really wanted just wasn't released yet. He asked if he could answer any questions and I declined, and he politely fled from the call.

And at the salad-packing Falafel stand a roumi woman was arguing politely with the proprietor about something involving baking, and mentioned the it was Ramadan today, which she looked surprised by. I affirmed this, politely, and to her skeptical glance replied, "It's pretty much all High Holy Days from here to the rest of the year." And to her further skeptical, "I'm not so sure about that" I replied, "Well, unless you succeed in avoiding religion all together." I stopped myself short of my next line, which was to begin with, "I'll not pry but what faith do..." as on a little more thought I couldn't think of any Buddhist (American) holidays at all.. She looked a bit witchy, which did fuel my incredulity.

Back to rsync, sed, and vim with me, then.
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