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Fun with WP

Re: Terrorism Rumors

Ref 9, the Jamestown Group is an interesting summary, but is it supported by any other references or evidence? Is there any assertion or evidence of the Jameson Group's NPOV or objectivity?

Ref 10, the Steganography Analysis and Research Center appears to be a commercial product rather than a resource. Can anyone confirm it's utility? Is there a freely available database, eg at Mitre?

Although Niels Provos' research is dated, his brute force analysis of eBay and Usenet in 2001 do help to debunk this pernicious rumor about terrorists. and if anyone is familiar with that work, perhaps they could stub out a page on it. Both statements apply equally to Elonka Dunin's work as well. Both are linked at the bottom of the article, but perhaps could be cited directly in the section on the rumors.

Politically, I'd like to see the rumor soundly debunked, as would many others. This sort of unproven rumor is used to justify restrictions on security software and decreased civil liberties the world over. Scientifically, I would love to see some proof or disproof, and surely this is not so hard to provide. My main motivation for commenting here is that the debunking in the main article doesn't seem very strong or clear.

Thanks, Adricnet 21:53, 2 October 2007 (UTC)

We'll see if I shake anything loose.
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