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A quiet weekend at home? Throat

Friday: work, GuildWars

Sat: Although I woke up early, I felt that a sequence of hot baths was a better plan than actually getting out and doing anything. I was comfortable enough spending some quality time reading Bab5 (vol 12), watching bad telly (actually saw most of Alone in the Dark this time), making halting progress on either toon in GuildWars, tossing d12s to Chani, and toying with vimtutor1. After the excitement of the last couple weekends (four shiny balls moving in a controlled sequence) I was okay with taking this one off. And there was this slight scratchy feeling in my throat that I'd noticed earlier in the week...

Species: The Awakening2 rolled credits at around 000 and I grabbed a blankie and curled up on the couch as Species III came on and started in on the alien virii and hot blonde xeno on tokemak t-and-a action (sic). And today, Sun, I woke up ,still on the couch, to Bordello of Blood on Chiller and the alarm (upstairs beeping stridently). My throat is tighter today than it was yesterday. We are not amused. And we are mildly concerned that TiVo understands my taste in schlock so well.

Food: Yesterday (sat), wheat pita, garlic hummous, chicken noodle soup packet, toast with peanut butter, juice. Today so far, clams soup and toast. I'm watering the juice to balance the throat clenching dextrose against the increased asorbic acid intake that supports my immune response.

1: The life changing nature of vimtutor can not be overestimated, nor may it be mocked by any who have not tried it. And the first dose never quite gets you all the way there.

2: The SciFi version was actually pretty good. I enjoyed it and might buy the video to see the whole thing. In addition to reasonably good writing and acting for such a thing, the female lead is attractive and her antagonist is smokin' hot . There is stark contrast between the xeno design of the original movies and this one, as well as a slight forgivable continuity error (Perhaps they couldn't afford Sir Ben, even after Bloodrayne, and of course Ms. Henstridge was not available, having gotten only cameo credit for the flashbacks and corpse in the third movie)
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