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Media Consumption Update

Successfully avoided massive social gathering this weekend. Spent most of the weekend watching telly and eating junk food with kittyglitter. Saw Season Three of 4400, both discs of Return of the King, and ... oh, some Family Guy, and ... hmmm. Then home Sunday for some more BioShock, and some Food Network trash with sotto_voce on Monday. And made it back homeward for a late dinner with Dove. Ate too much this weekend, blech.

I've been reading some collected ghost stories from Memoware rather than starting in on another full on classic novel. I did finally finish up Kushiel's Scion last week sometime. That was fun and quite interesting in places, if quite long. Imriel is probably a more interesting character than Phedre, if a little bit super-powered.

I described the circulating set of womenfolk to KG as a cloud by way of an update, perhaps in to much (still unclear) detail. I am, as ever, quite unsure what is going on with most levels of most of these relationships. It is all starting to sound like quantum mechanics... But hey, that would be a win, since QM is all just maths. Hard maths I can't do, but knowing that it's just high level maths that I don't get rather than some brain chemistry I lack or some metaphysical hallucination (on the part of others, of course)... yeah, I'd favour maths. I could always off load the processing of that. That sounds good, actually

Somewhat less obtusely, my motivations and desires are plural and get all twisted up. And the pesky ethics... *sigh* .. I'll stick with treading water and having a bit of fun on occasion.

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