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Blee? I've been sooo tired this week...

Started Moll Flanders. The prose style is, well, jogging or perhaps a light run. I suppose the author has a lot of ground to cover. There was entirely too much of the distasteful flavour of Justine in the introduction1. Of course this is about on level with me hoping to one day find a manuscript of Tales of the Arabian Nights where the phrase "Allah be praised" has not been added to every verse with a crayon or some original Buddhist literature that doesn't thin of Gotama as a god. *mutter*

At least Discordians don't have that trouble. Yet. As soon as someone figures out how to turn a profit...

1 Justine is a unpleasant novella by the overrated hack De Sade. If you imagine a sort of 'Perils of Pauline' schtick where all manner of bad things happen to the heroine, apply what you know of DeSade's far too well-documented ideas on bad things (viz. buggery), you're halfway there. Then, rather than a rescue by a heroic mountie, substitute an adult religious conversion and (as I recall) a one way trip to a nunnery. Repentance occurs often and noisily well before death. Both halves of the work are unreadable due to their discussion of torture (hers and then yours) and horrible execution.2

2 Slightly back on topic, the introduction to Moll Flanders goes to great literary lengths, and use repetition to try to encourage two conflicting beliefs in the prospective reader (publisher): Namely a) that the book is full of racy stuff that will be fun to read and b) that it's okay to read the smut because all of it punished and teaches moral lessons. No doubt there was some law or regulation requiring or encouraging such disclaimers on literature to ensure religious propagation and moral turpitude. I suppose we can expect more of that in this country soon.3

3: How many geek points do I get for having more footnotes than body paragraphs, both by length and by number?

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