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New neighbour, -10 points

So, at eleven am or so as I'm working up to a shower, I note with displeasure that I can feel (rather than hear) a subwoofer. I put on some clothes, and after fidgeting with our receiver to make sure it's not us, I go out back to look around for the idiot responsible. Ed: Readers should be aware that this author has an apparently abnormal sensitivity to low frequency sound. Or maybe I just haven't been deafened enough by dumb habits that I can still detect sound in those ranges. Whatever. It is a pet peeve, and is the number one nominee for that which will make me snap and start the killing someday

And sure enough there is music (..sic) and thumping coming from my next door neighbour's back yard, not a whole meter from ours, mind you. I don't see him and the gate is nearly closed so I stop and call out, "Good morning!". And he answers from the parking lot where he is washing his car, about 25 feet away.

I have seen briefly but not met this fellow, who moved in with his wife(?) a few weeks ago. He comes over and a brief conversation ensues, consisting of me trying to explain to him that subwoofer waves travel very far, that I can hear--no rather feel it in my bedroom (one unit over and upstairs, and could you please turn it down a bit. He expresses minor disbelief but is grudgingly agreeable,and I leave him to return inside. Feeling no more thumping, I shower.

Scoring Summary: Lives in non-detached housing and is using stereo to play music to where he is washing his car one house and several meters away: FAIL. Neighbor comes outside to complain and discussion ensues, rather than an immediate apology and corrective action: FAIL. Ed: Okay, editing title to -10

The note I'm going to leave with my meichi(calling card), currently in American Typewriter for solemnity:

14 July


I do apologize if I startled you or discomfited you needlessly earlier today.
Here in this little complex we all live very close together and yet all get along
rather well. Sometimes we have to put a bit of forethought into plans, and exercise 
restraint in their execution to make sure we are not intruding on others' 
space, and often the overlap is unavoidable and we just all have to 
remember to be neighborly despite it. 
To wit, there has been a polite arrangement with previous neighbors 
to keep music and movie volume low except perhaps on Saturday evenings or for announced 
parties. I’ve hardly ever seen anyone here play music outside their home. Most outdoor 
activities seem to involve the use of headphones, as on the walkers who circle 
the complex regularly.
I do regret speaking to you about this before we’ve even met, and I 
hope I did not offend you earlier.  I do hope we’ll be able to get along well.
Welcome neighbor,

[name, unit number, phone number]
Tags: neighbourly, rant

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