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    10dimensions, 2redpath5, acheron_hades, aklarand, angelbaby_311, angeru, arie, arya, ashlupa, aydub, bannanna, bearster, bheansidhe, bludmewn, brak42, celestialnikki, commx, cosmiclola, cypherpunk, danuv, doubleyou, dungeonbaby, enchant, ercutio, firelegend, folk, furison, garybaldy, ghettohaxor, gigglefaerie, gladstone, homasse, jadedjones, jathomas, kellinator, kittyglitter, lady_in_getz, lafemmedesfemme, liquidbob, lovelace, lovely_cora, malerin, master_mikel, masterofnewold, mehetabel, mommanuska, muppet79, nirol, not_hothead_yet , notsosilent, odin_rose2003, panguar, phoenixgeisha, pinkeffigy, polychromatic22, ptwarhol, rahaeli, rashahrant, salvaged, scooterjpm, scyllacat, seekzero, seiry, sibylla, sillyhunter, slvr_starre, sophocles sotto_voce, spratt, stress_rash, suri, taser, techman_dsc, tigress666, timba, trelana, vidicon, violetstaunton, warsop, xantha, yankeefrog zephyrus_wind

Which leads to no more interesting conclusion than the need for a friends-list purge. Oh and trying to puzzle out who some of these nyms are, which strengthens that idea.

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