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Half a weekend

Made it to MFri, finally, and collected hugs and greetings from folk I'd not seen in 6 months. And home to crash, boom.

Saturday, went to a movie, at a theatre, of all things. Ate strange food-products and witnessed intriguing cultural facets. Also, 28 Weeks Later is fab, really great. Not only a great scary jumpy zombie movie, but plenty of hardly subtle political jabs. And mind-alteringly beautiful aerial camera shots of London, many. Oh, London how I long for thee ..

and then there was extensive book shopping and bad (but not like off, merely passable) Tex-Mex, all interwoven into a long marvelous conversation that took a few surprising direction (for all, I think..)

Finally bought more closet bin drawer thingies from Target (they're purple!) and now, pending interruptions I should put the laundry away.


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