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I remembered that I have a deadtree CYOA novel on my bookshelf, buried under a bunch of over crap: Secret of the Ninja... I'll probably have to look it over again, since it has to have been almost ten years. I suppose that is ine of the (few) advantages to living in the same place for twenty four years, or at least it would be if my stuff was safe here.

A member of my immediate family has no concept of personal property and freely rearranges, organizes, trashes or outright loses other humans 'stuff'. My psychological reaction to this was to become kind of neurotic about my crap, snapping at people who throw away things without asking and other borderline behaviour.



I've never sent the bitch fanmail, but maybe one of these days I'll get up the courage..


They're building a music sharing system on top of Freenet, with tipping built in from the beginning.

The Crabspider Book

Webmaster In A Nutshell, O'reilly and Associates got me through this DL without screwing it up too bad. It's a compact reference for (breath):

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • XML

  • Javascript

  • Perl CGI

  • PHP

  • HTTP &

  • apache configuration


An xterm with embedded IFRAMEs and other goodies. Check it out: or just install Mozilla on linux

The Reciprocality Project

From the intro: "This project began as a bit of practical industrial psychology, and ended up unfolding into an understanding of how most people in most human societies have a consistently distorted view of everything. " A must read for the thoughts it provokes and the skepticsm and concern it expresses about ADHD and CIFS


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