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Well, I'm trying to figure what I want to do with the rest of my day.

Not oversleeping by much, I drove out to 'Phretta and had lunch (tasty moo goo from P F Chang) with sotto_voce and wandered back to the house. Gas is 3.10 USD/ gallon here, and over 4 USD in California .. and yet the revolution she does not occur.

Went out to Renfaire yesterday and followed around the afore-mentioned redhead (strawberry blonde more like) (B) while the roomie wandered about with his SO and her kid. We more or less kept up a running conversation the whole time, which was interesting in places. (I mean to come back to this later). Saw many shiny things which we did not buy, found out why there are no Scots in Narnia, and saw some fun shows. Got a bit sunburned on my arms and face.

Everyone came back to the house after, and the girls wanted (the rest of) a tour. They insisted and started up the stairs, and made there way nto roomie's room where they dawdled for a bit making fun of his anime toys and untidyness. The tour continued to my room, where it quickly enough degenerated into a dress up game, with S and L trying on my clothes and the rest of us laughing a bunch. It all really started daughter picking out things of my clean clothes mound that startled her mother, which as positive reinforcement caused her to dig for more, causing her mother to blush more, usw. She (S) tried on a couple things, but she's teeny and they were too big. B managed to get the 5 yo into my herro kitty candy pjs (yes the same ones all of you have), which was really funny and cute.

and then there was Ranma and pizza, and after a bit of that, they all gathered their things and went off homeward-ish. Roomie and I switched to 4400 and finished Disc 2 (Season Three) while I dinged my Troll hunter twice, to 15. And crash. Dreams were strange, but mostly gone now. Some kind of psychologically traumatic thing happened to me at work and I was being comforted by my dad's family, at not quite their home. Well, that's all I can recall now.


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