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A weekend?

Got up and took a hot bath, and then had a small breakfast of tea and toast. Finished off Anansi Boys.

Passed the morning into the afternoon practicing hiragana strokes on the sandtable1 with MangaLand while watching the Heroes marathon. Rather than starting in on the kana, I went upstairs, and in lieu of getting cleaned up, played Oblivion for ... far too long.

Came downstairs for breen-flavoured breen and the twenty minutes of the next to most-recent Heroes I'd missed.

I just polished off the last episode on Disc Two of GITS:SAC, which I'm Netflixing through, and I think I'll head upstairs and dive into the third Rachel Morgan novel.

Wow, that came off rather .. media rich. Or consumerish. After the undue influence a redhead had on me Wednesday night, I was even less interested in leaving the house than usual. Tales of her talents are not much exaggerated, I am amused to report. Rereading those sentences, I feel the need to reassure the audience that nothing has happened, untoward or otherwise.

1: White board on floor, similar tech


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