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Long long day

Got up early only to find myself idle in 'Phretta for a few hours this morning, and I killed one of them at B & N. I _only_ got a Japanese language book (Japanese in MangaLand), a German vocabulary book (Oxford German Cartoon Strip Vocabulary Builder, a Bash scripting book (Linux Shell Scripting with Bash, Burtch) and Ananzi Boys. In reverse order. I left Engineering Mathematics there, as it had no obvious price, and Amazon had it new and used from $40 USD, as well as having the sequel. It looks quite good to me, and I determined that my previous maths classes would go to about the middle of it. It does includes several sections on complex numbers, although the majority of that material is in the second volume.

After a stop at Wal-mart, I landed in the break room of the Roswell campus of Ghetto U and read half of the Gaiman in two hours or so (!). Anansi Boys is a fun read, although there have not, as yet, been as many surprises as American Gods.

Also: Listened to parts of an Arthur Miller play and an Orson Scott Card novel, had some spicy tacos, a bacon cheeze burger, saw Stranger than Fiction (quite good, actually) chewed several CaCo2 tablets (Wal-Mart), sipped milk, tried out a replacement video card in flotsam (no video, probably the P/S), walked through an actual LARP, and watched most of an episode of the Bleach dub (by Viz) (ugh). Not in that order.

Season Three of 4400 is here, and I was cueing it up when the roomie's Borg/Cyberman earpiece ordered him outside. If he makes for the roof, I'll start looking for Big Red Buttons What One Should Not Push. Or I'll try the sonic screwdriver on the implant's exposed antennae. Sure..
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