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got my review...

Yeah, so still employed. Did not get such great marks, and yet the boss is certain I'll do better, acquire new skills, sharpen existing ones, and get at least one kind of promotion before I hit one year with them in October. In fact, those sum up my official goals so far in the review ...

He said and wrote a lot of things about feeling that I'm a lifer (floabw), that I can be really great at this, and that I'd probably do it for free that whole find work doing what you enjoy and something something aphorism.

In that vein, if you think it might be fun to read a quite knowledgeable individual ripping apart the state of DNSSEC with nice diagrams and then jumping up and down on the cold ashes, then you must've miss this piece on SecurityFocus: A Case Against DNSSEC, Count 2: Too Complicated To Deploy

Here is a link to an old Wired story from when Prolexic was first making a name for themselves by saving a gambling operation in Costa Rica. Apparently more recently they were named in an indictment in New York in 2006 because someone in Spitzer's office believes traceroute to be gospel..

Also, there's some surprising drama on the (long dead) BeOS front. Try for the scoop there (yeah the link is a bit of a spolier), in part because the editors actually like BeOS. Meanwhile, Palm announced they were dropping PalmOS for Linux *cricket* Oh, PalmOS 6 we never knew ye. Really. They never released a device that ran it. Sounded nice, lovely screenshots...

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