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Weird dreams

So our heroes narrowly escape after some sort of amazing tactical victory (think A New Hope, although I'm certain the scene is not from there), and land at a port. There a couple of vendors standing idly near the dock, one in a land speeder, but he doesn't have anything interesting. We're in Thailand, I think.

Walking into town I spy a cafe and make my way in. I order something very simple, and offer to pay in American, since I don't understand the local currency. I am presented with the credit card console instead, with lots of polite smiling (The deal with plenty of Yanks). I place my card atop it and start pushing buttons and fidgeting at it trying to get it to work. A few tries later, as I am about to reach for a different card, the papasan wanders near the counter (where I have been hovering) and I sign failure/ignorance and slide it back over to him. He punches buttons swiftly and starts giggling with his daughter about nine millions, that's a lot of $currency.

The fight with the credit card machine gets tangled up with a Sidekick debugging session, or that is just crossways in my head. I do remember flipping some small handheld tech and tapping it's reset button, which brought it back to unlife, only to show a crash message for some X application, press any key to continue. I flip open the keyboard and smacked the any key ... definitely Sidekick formf actor, but the splash screen displayed a logo for a platform I didn't recognize and can't recall. Started with an 'M'.

Still probably in Thailand, I'm now in a car on some sort of road trip with my parents. We nearly miss turning into (and the brick sign of) some dinky apartments I don't recognize ... until Dad and I get out and start approaching the porch where all the doors are. Then I start remembering something.. it seems familiar. Simultaneously Dad waves we to check the side and moves toward the door (I think he knocked and waited a bit first, and I suggested maybe they're asleep. Of course that's as likely to be a scene from Donnie Darko at Grandma Death's home). I am more concerned with figure out what's triggering my memory than tactic, and so I stroll around past the side of the building on the porch slab. This place is run-down, has the feeling that may have seen better days, perhaps for a week in the 20C. Past the side of the building I can see the back 'yard' running to a messy treeline a few hundred feet back. And this makes me even more sure that I've been there. And then a large (Nero Wolfe) unkempt man in ragged messy clothes lowers his arm .. He's lounging at a plastic picnic table .. lowers his arm aiming his large sleeve at me, and with some sort of cry, he fires. And dodging too slowly, I feel something bounce off of my hand. It leaves a small mark but doesn't hurt or break the skin. I fish the object out of the grass quickly, as he is laughing, naming it. It's a small carved stylized wolf's head on a lumpy cylinder (About the size of a Pez™ dispenser). And somehow this turn the mood jovial. This creature was once a man in Dad's unit in 'Nam. They are old friends, and even embrace before he produces .. (now I recall a folder with some wrinkled papers in it, as in, a file, but I'm not sure if I dreamed that) .. some document or evidence, as in an X-Files plot. He's been hiding out here in Thailand(?) since we last visited hm, when I was a child.

And then we go inside, as they are talking. Stepping over and through the tiny apt, we head out to the pack porch, and food and drink is produced (no details remain) and I am sent back inside to look for paper plates. When I return, have scrounged some from somewhere they are settled into the living room to talk business, and have settled the food on bright plastic plates (blue?). I am politely banished upstairs.

And now the house is my dad's brother's home (sic), and the upstairs is huge. His children have grown and moved out and on (Here he has a son and a daughter at least, but he hasn't any daughters in real life, and this in no way resembles any home of his or anyone else I know). At least two sections of the top floor are unchanged, one, obviously the boys, done in dark hardwood is full of old toys, still shiny, including a Voltron and some fancy joystick for an early computer games system. Exiting here after a brief look around, walking past some jewelery making paraphenalis and chess instructional books, I cross past a standing glass case. It has a snake, cobra in it, black with it's hood splayed, zipping about in tight circles, hissing. i start slightly but move past into the other section (There seem not to be walls). This is equally obviously the girl's old room, all done up in pretty while painted wood and indistinct girly touches. I note a french doored closet and a fridge besides the bed and other furniture. I have checked the fridge (no food, but some chilled liquids) and have opened the closet on one side to nose about when I hear someone coming. I turn, and my uncle suggests I should come downstairs now. He is unsuspicious. I turn back to the closet and once again eye a costume hung t the far right of the pole..,

And downstairs (not the apt but some imaginary huge house) there are the family come home to visit, and a cat climbs down through the stove hood and the stove and comes out for greetings. This does not perturb anyone much.

And some time around then, I woke up. And a bit later, phone and IM dragged me out of bed, but I wanted to get this down.

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