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Your failure to plan... *rant*

...does not constitute an emergency on my part." --some wise person

And further, a corollary: "Anything that require me to debug your code is by definition not an emergency."

Three non-emergency Emergency tickets in two fracking hours. Only one of which could be considered an emergency by any stretch of my far-reaching imagination. His sites were down, because I was working, on a machine that isn't supposed to be in production yet. The other two? I am not making this up, don't have to:

  • "Slow server": My counter widget's site is down and it's causing my page to load weird. Removed counter, his site is fine.
  • My "script" didn't work: Walk through vbs, bat, and cmd1 script tangle to try and find where it "doesn't work". Then he asks someone else at his org to look at it...

1: WTF is a cmd script? You know it's not going well when you hear me mumbling, "Why couldn't the vendor2 just have used Perl?!"
2: Windows Server? Who thought THAT was a good idea, eh?
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