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Evidence continues to accumulate to suggest I am indeed having some sort of emotional response from the revelations of Tuesday. This is annoying, in various ways.

  • Wed evening I found myself responding emotionally (I felt sad.) to the story I was listening to at the time. Although that section is sad in content, it's just a podcast, and this is unusual, and unwelcome (The Secret World Chronicle1 opens up with several first person perspectives on a vicious assault upon Earth by Nazi metahuman alien plot devices. I was listening the the second? part, which follows Blues, an EMT healer as her firestation is destroyed, and later in combat at Area 51. There's character death, but ..).

  • Later that day I found myself telling an abridged version of part of the story of my life to a recent acquaintance on SL, for no good reason. I only explained how I came to be (back) with my owner, leaving out lots. She was warm and sympathetic, appropriately appalled in places, usw. There was no cause for this, and it reminds of a similar maladaptive behaviour pattern from ten years ago. Right, sophocles?

  • Tonight, when the alarum struck at six, I shuffled over to it, nosed it off and back into bed for ..*math* six hours. I got to bed on time at 09:30, 18 would've been eight hours, this made for fourteen?! And I believe I was actually asleep or dreaming the whole time of it.

Update: My oatmeal was bland, tasted almost like bad porridge. Tonight's Twilight Zone episode: "Number 12 Looks Just Like You"

1: is actually quite fun, this is just a down bit && self.broken? => true.


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