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Got a bag of books from cosmiclola when she stopped in town briefly last week ;) and read half of Dead Witch Walking (amazon) in lieu of some sleep yesterday. It is thus far a tasty morsel of vampire cheesecake. Unlike Ms Hamilton's dreadful creation, this authoress (Ms Harrison) does not take her world or her character too seriously .. despite all of the mortal danger. And the tasty vampires and such are fun. It's the first in a series, and I been meaning to nibble since I first heard about it. There are more goodies in the bag, including a Robin McKinley I've not read and two I've not read in, er 20 years or so.

And I finally got a replacement Beyond the Supernatural. This is an old gaming book that helped to warp my mind at a young age, inspiring career choices1 among other things. With it in hand I can now run some exceedingly fun adventures for an unwary group of PCs.. I also have the Second Edition, but much was left out, including the adventures I want to run, and the classic Palladium weapons section .. which long ago began my forays into mispronounced Japanese, heh (Do you recall the difference between naginata, yari and bisento? Kusari-gama and Manriki-gusari? Tegaki and Shuko? Sai and Jitte?)2. 2nd Ed here. I may do a proper review of BTS2 later .. but for now I'd say get both 1 and 2.

1: It has been oft suspected that my OCC is Nega-Psychic
2: I do, I think. Curved, straight, and can-opener spears, blade with chain or rope attaching a ring to the handle, chain with weights on the ends, tegaki and shuko are both climbing claws, and sai and jitte are both forked dull weapon... *geek*, おたく

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