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some reading?

Finally got 'round to updating my Palm's selection of ebooks, having finished Twain's Yankee a week or two back.

Just added in Moll Flanders, Brothers Karamazov, Jane Eyre, Emma, and the first volume of the Father Brown stories. Oh and an updated CIA Factbook. I'm clearing out the Twain I've read and the Oz books (I never got to 6-15 or some such). Oh and an updated CIA Factbook. Leaving quite a few other random bits of there.

Waiting on Amazon and it's accomplices to bring Lost Season Two, most of the Myst games, and er, one other thing. Oh and more gaming books: BTS 1.

Have made cheerful progress on a tiny hacking project, a dice roller. (Ruby)

Making very little progress in Warcrack. It seems there is some soft-limit that makes it very hard for me to grind a toon past 17. We'll see if any of them ever make 20. On City of Heroes, I managed to get two to 22 or so .. and that was it, no more..

Haven't been on Secondlife much lately. I've logged in a few times, but my girlfirends weren't on, or were terribly busy.

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