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Updates? Well, at least some plugs

Media: Am in the midst of Season One of Lost, finished the fourth Cadfael novel, saw no Irasshai this week, finished Preacher a bit ago, wrapped up Yankee (Twain) today, and have read the new Wired, which was fun. Poked at more Twain and a TM or FM briefly .. need to update my [Palm] DOC selections. Am catching up on Escape Pod. Good stories as always and a review of MS Vista chock full of truthiness.

Hacking: Haven't done any this week. Need to pick back up my progress in Everyday Scripting with Ruby, a lovely book. German is coming back to me as I practice on hapless Europeans in SL .. but I do not know why they say mine is good, perhaps just Skinnerism.

Gaming: Made some progress in the SW game Tuesday despite several distractors. And women. Dinged my Blood Elf a couple times, making her my fifth? toon past tenth level. Norgannon, for no compelling reason other than that's where every other toon is. Am interested in Myst all of a sudden, may take a crack at them soon and want to know more about the online (Uru?) bit. Of course I grabbed the demo of Five and found I'd need to figure out a simple written symbolic script to advance .. uweh

Work: Going pretty well. Word of planning for my review has reached me. Need to make a few notes, see if I can make a reasonable argument for some more money and perhaps a project or two.

Life (Practice): Been lots of that, nay too much. Was heard to say: "I cannot keep this up, but I am not willing to quit" yesterday sometime. Silently. To myself, even. Must not flip schedule next week, need to rest. You are all thus notified: No daytime crap next week. Seriously.

Wearing: Jaguar t-shirt, plaid pj pants, white shorts bra, bright green (near aqua) stretchy Cacique undies, black socks, Ireland ball-cap

Kitteh: still a terrorist

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