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nil.enroll(aetheric_username, quantum_class_id)
yljatlhQo'! QIch lo'laltbebej!
When not asleep..
I came perilously close to having a Monday this week. I woke up to turn the alarum off at 1805 and then laid back down for a bit, proud that had I woken at all again since crashing before noon.

Dreams, and dozing later, I was wide awake at 0800. And oh, what dreams. A new (to us ) multistory condo/home with many exciting features, including a garage full of interesting junk and a small bowling alley (pristine but unused in at least ten years). And, of course, enchanted weapons, colour-coded for simplicity...

Showered, put on clean undies and pjs. Second load of laundry is in washer, first in dryer, kitteh is whining on the stairs. (She can whine, I'm not feeding her. The hallway smells awful and I found (in addition, as it were) a small obvious wet patch in the middle of the floor). Need to start putting clothes away as part of the futon reclamation effort, but am getting hungry. Have avoided going downstairs as I do not want to do the dishes (yet) (at all) (again this week). 11:30 ET: Flamed roomie, *sigh*

ボナス!: I am caught up on burichu anime (116) and manga-scanlation (263). It remains pretty darn interesting despite being shounen allover. Yes, the new enemy have ranks _and_ levels, and each new special-guest opponent has a named technique he is inordinately proud of .. and yes our heroes split up .. and yes there is pointless irritating comic-relief (although this batch is combat-effective, so..). Oh and the last batch used German and this batch uses Spanish. *shrug*

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