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Not an announcement

When I notice things changing in my life, particular with respect to other sentients, I very rarely mention it here directly or obtusely. This is only sometimes deliberate, but there are various reasons, including the privacy of the other sentients (I've very little, but that falls under the ethics of not revealing others secrets, which are pretty important). Also, laziness.

They cut my hair shorter. There was little if any collaboration. One of them is pushing to buzz it all off, and the other has muttered something similar. There ya go.

And to close, a quote of me from IM tonight:

"i dont' see any sense in trying to update you on the vagaries of my social life when we're teasing each other over the internet.
It's not as if I have any idea what's going on all that often anyway."

Certainly, as a medium, LJ is ideal for announcing things so you don't have to explain them to N people next time you see them (ie to dereference pronouns).

This presupposes that such things are understood, much less explainable.
Tags: announcemnts, hair, sos

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