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ToDos for the week ahead

  1. Sleep, shower, excrete (in some order, with repetitions as necessary)
  2. Assist my half-eleven sorceress in (dying during) escape from lizardmen encampment
  3. look at PHP book
  4. take out dining room rug as trash, check! (bad,bad kitteh 2, rugs 0)
  5. buy milk, eggos, yellow plastic .. hmm shopping, next item
  6. go to walmart with tickie and gift(s)
  7. study some Japanese, likely Irasshai

What did I leave off? Oh right..
  • Track down any allegations of my social life and nurse them back to health as figments, yeah

Did I miss anything?

  1. weak Pern story from Legends, check!
  2. stay in bed for 12 hours, check!
  3. getting entire party killed in FFXII after not finding two of my hunts, check!
  4. reading some more Penrose finally (getting close to that now)
  5. read the Wired i bought at Wal-Mart a month or two ago,check
  6. hot bath, warm sake, そでしたよ!
  7. ...

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