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2006 in Review?

Jan: This Weekend? I read the second volume of the Babylon 5 scripts, watched many hours of Twilight Zone ( and a little Naruto).

Feb: InsomniaStar Trek: TNG and now Battlestar: Galactica (original)

Mar: ... [broken picture of some logfile] I'm going to go home now.

April: A typical sci-fi cliche such as"The time travel must be affecting our molecular structure. At this rate we may not have much time before we dissolve to nothingness."

May: V. Tired In lieu of a post, email: Lights are off, found the switch, praise someone. Hope to hear from someone in the morning.

June: A no-update update Work is .. well I just can't say right now. Here's some data for aggregate statistical analysis: Monday 13 hours, Tuesday 12.75 hours, Wednesday 15 something hours. any one who had had calculus is free to estimate the limit of the series as N approaches 14.

July: New experiments and some oldTyping left handed for a bit before I begin some self-bondage experiments.

Aug: Not on update(sic) Not a real update, but i thought it worth mentioning that I, roomie, and his friend laughed for a solid hour as we came up with ways the new robot kit might terrorize the Kitteh.

Sept: Quick survey, please answer [poll] What colour is this block ?

Oct: Monday ups and downsWoke up fairly suddenly at noon, went to bathroom, felt unwell.

Nov: Transplant in progress( Photo essay, switching shoulder bags )

Dec: Wal-mart run successes Well, I didn't get to a bookstore, or the mall, but I found many wonderful things at Wallyworld .. most of which I did not buy.
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