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Overslept a bit

Woke at 13:30 (phone, called back, skipped voicemail, IM'd her) and went back to sleep, and then again around 1800 (roomie and siamese twin coming and going) and back to sleep (didn't get out of bed then) .. and up at 21:30 (phone, mom).

From 1800 or so on, I was doing the dozing / sleeping / daydreaming thing. I would be in a complete, vivid scene from a reasonably complex story .. and then awake, petting the cat, turn back over, snuggle into the warm, and ... wake up again some time later, and again. But it was warm. I am aware enough of this sequence that I was analyzing it, and I noted that I hadn't done it in some time, prob since my vacation, and that I wasn't peculiarly unhappy, just that it was warm, and I had nothing pressing to do out of bed that seemed important... and this tied into a question about my upbringing from the previous nights chatting (cats).

I'm house-sitting for someone this week. I managed to get over there last night for a few hours. I played with the animals, watched teevee, read some of one of her books, and chatted on IM. I should probably head back over there again tonight.

On the way over, and now, I recall an awkward vibe of being in someone elses' home without them that I experienced before .. but it wasn't there, I didn't have that feeling last night. In fact I forgot about it beore arriving and only remembered now.

Feh. I need to attack the kitchen, perhaps with some help from the recently returned roomie and twin.
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