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Walmart run succeses

Well, I didn't get to a bookstore, or the mall, but I found many wonderful things at Wallyworld .. most of which I did not buy.

In addition to absorbing lots of interesting sociological data, I found some things which were actually on my lists. I got an aipodu caberu (appuru-no dewa nai desu, berukin-no desu), finally some buranku jiwiji (dual-layer!), a USB caberu for the purinta, una [trashy] telenovela que ver interasante, the new Creighton hon (Next, about genetics, transgenics, and .. ?) ... an odd shaped pen, some magazines .. a foldy map of Atlanta (rather like the ones I've had of Paris and DC) ...

This Wal-Mart receipt is quite tricky to decipher. The text field is a maximum of 12 characters. Ah! RBD 16.88, same price as USB caberu .. must be Rebelde, the telenovela. The Impulse IC was a Klondike Bar (0.97).

And I got light bulbs for the house, amking the dining room and living room non dark for the first time in a while. The kitchen light still needs help.
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