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apparently iTunes wants me out of bed now

Sarah McLachlan: "... You have been drifting for so long, I know you don't want to come down. But down here below there are people who love you, and they are ready for you to come home. Please come home."

I'm booked to go over to Mom's for turkeyday this evening. Leads into:

Bjoerk: " ... I wouldn't mind perhaps spending a little time with you."

As I was not sleeping in bed those last few minutes, I was conceiving of the idea that I should get some social in this weekend and next week before my work schedule changes for the weird next week. This also related to , well specifically trying to spend some time with a few people. and this track leads into a GarageBand mix I did myself just so that I know it's talking to me directly, as I'm typing this entry in.

and then back into the Sarah for ".. tied down to this bed of shame, trying to move round the shame, but oh, your soul is anchored" Ow.

and the kitteh has been quite annoying all morning. I distinctly heard the roomie argueing with her.
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