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Monday Ups and Downs

Woke up fairly suddenly at noon, went to bathroom, felt unwell. Bathed for several minutes, felt a little better, and shortly after that lost what seemed like all of my food and drink from the weekend. Went promptly back to bed and to sleep. Woke again a couple hours later, used bathroom again, sipped juice, went downstairs to watch annoying television (couldn't read). And a little while later (4?) had to go into the bathroom again, and give up even more food. I am trying to sip juice and water, hopefully I am absorbing some of it...

The up is that as I was rinsing the sink and looking longly at the Listerine bottle, I got a callback from that resume I sent it, and I'm going in to talk to them tomorrow. *checks mail* *confirms by return mail*

And a little lemming @told me that my paperwork at previous employer may process through soon, finlly.

And, now .. water, I think. Ugh. Fluids boisterously refusing to stay, and now my head hurts.

Much later: Water, tea stayed. Oat mush and gat-o-rade seem good so far. Watching 4400, surfing.

0100 tuesday: Nope. i did get the pepto down .. after. Temp is 38.3°C, 101°F trying to keep sipping water, about out of gatorade. Feh.

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