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Day, er Night 4

Crawled out of bed in the 17 hour. I recall waking up and noting the pose I was in with humour*, at least twice, well before actually climbing down, and going to get some cheerios and more, foul, OJ.

Got some of my data merge started, and got my 2006 data organized. Now I just need to outline it all with sentence fragments, and clean it up a bit, and the process out some DOC files.

Had still more fun on SL last night and into the morning. Lets see .. I gave more silly tours of the Ranch, introduced one of you Dear Readers to the silliness (*wave*), found a cute little school girl in need of correction, oh and and really hit it off with a pretty young woman av, M. M and I tickled and teased each other at the Ranch, and then later in this wacky hotel room. In between I RP'ed with a rather dapper kidnapper who I'd met the night before. As the Ranch grounds got a little noisy, he showed me to the hotel with the fabulous beds, and there was much cavorting. After he finally relented, I pulled M in to see the amazing bed ... and ooooh, well we had lots of fun. She learns fast. I may have to get one of those beds..

I won't post any snapshots here, as they are NRFWS, but I may put them up somewhere else, if anyone wants to look. :)

*: described by one thusly: "Sleep bondage. How droll."

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