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Shiny Plastic

So, I have labouriously removed most of the shiny plastic from the outside of a shiny plastic box containing some glossy paper and a shiny plastic discus. One more to go.

Damn Amazon and their "Only 18 more dollars and we ship the whole order for free!" Ah well, if it wasn't so easy, it would not be evil. I bought two audio cds: Somebody's Miracle, Liz Phair's post-divorce romance album .. and something Amazon's firefly code recommended, ostensibly because i rated some Bjoerk albums: Emiliana Torrini, Love In the Time of Science.

ITunes (more easy evil there) has digested the Liz disc and wants the other. *tears plastic*, feeds cd to PowerBook.

Hours later Never posted this, eh? Haven't listened to new music yet. Went to UPS store in Georgia, went to Starbucks, came back to orifice...

cpan> install Bundle::Apache2

The new music is good so far. She does sound a bit like Bjoerk, only there haven't been any incredibly annoying bits yet (5 tracks in).

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