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I have this machine (lissa) mostly converted to a server. She'll be serving mail, web, SQL, cvs, and oggs (like mp3) locally. I am playing the first CD I've encoded. I'm using abcde (A Better CD Encoder) which fronts cdparanoia, vorbistools, cddb et al. Oh, and I don't have enough power to move this machine over into the corner. More specifically, I don't have enough to leave this one powered and plug in the new (to me) workstation. I'm still working on it. I'll probably have to buy another strip and an extension wait, there should be another ext cord around here ..

I'll keep a running list of the CDs I have encoded in a separate post.

Other than that, I'm waiting a couple hours (till say 1000 Eastern) before maing a bunch of phone calls. There's some snail that needs to go out, but I'm short of supplies (stamps, envelopes, ..) and barely remember how to do it anyway ;)


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