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Amusing away messages at work today included: "Band-aids: Went to buy band-aids, back soon". Zaniness readings are pushing the border between yellow and red again.

Am racing through Kushiel's Chosen, reading ~200 pages Monday morning, 250 last night, and likely to finish it tonight. I inquired of a hardcover copy of the fourth book at Witchy Walden and discovered, amidst spoilers galore, that the new trilogy is about Phedre's adopted son I----, and likely written from his perspective rather than hers.

Got to talk to a woman in Torrid about her love for Scotland, developed entirely from novels she read from the age of 14. I answered a few of her question out of politeness, but her script was quite short and began to repeat even in the few minutes I was there. Did acquire flip-flops, two pair (salesgirl fairly insisted). Was nervous at salesgirl, as ever. May have been first time buying anything in woman's clothing store not for me. Odd. Altogether it was a mildy surreal Torrid visit.

Changed the kitteh box out just now. Kitteh has made no response. The online prices suck. I buy mine at SuperTarget for 7-8 euro

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