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Noon sunday

Stayed all the way through MF this week (only half a dose last, week, must still be on induction...) and got to observe quizically an amazing variety of weird human behaviours. Interspered were a few interesting bits of conversation with friends and folks I barely know at all. Possibily the most interesting oddity was the large friendly bouncer-looking fellow asking where I work security... Was it the kilt or my computer?

Saturday evening I went with my parents to the Tavern (recently remodeled again) to see The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). It was very funny, quite bawdy, and yet actually captured a great deal of the feel and text of Shakespeare. The chef-catered food was actually very good, although I must note that I have been served more pita with less hummus, for less money, on a number of occassions. [By the time the first act started I had eaten all of the pita wedges, and had a substantial quantiy of hummus remaining in the bowl. I had to keep politely refusing the sweet little volunteer girls who wanted the dishes, even in the intermission. I ended up abandoning most of it... ]Anyway you should all see this thing, either at the Tavern of elsemush. This run is June 29-August 6

Sunday is upon me, and I need to conceive of some activity for the gamers tonight. The current DM is out of town visiting his SO. I haven't decided if I'm throwing some sort of one-shot experimental game, or just putting on movies ..

Just got caught up with the read filter. Quite a bit of fun there, you shoudl all reead each other ;)


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