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I have polished off American Gods, plus a chapter of the next book. Last night I spent a few hours on SL (the linux x86 binary client is coming along nicely) and then read a spot of two different things. I read a chapter into the third Brother Cadfael novel, and nearly finished up a Bab5 novel that cosmiclola tossed at me.

I am being drawn in by the foolish proposals of my evil banks and creditors (redundant? yes) and the nifty new technologies. My will is bending and my credit cards are being drawn towards Cupertino by the RDF and Core Duo (and Parallels and stuff like this). So, I cry out to you all to help me in this time of need .. I may want a MacBook, but it the wrong time to buy. I do not have the willpower to resist much longer, and they ship fast.

Failing that, if I'm looking at one hundred bucks a month for N months either way, should I get a perfectly decent black MacBook (2,136 + 500 = 2636) or a snazzy silver MacBook Pro (2,731 + 500 = 3231)**. Put another way: 26 months or 32 months ?

** Prices are from Apple Developer Store (see here), for which it costs 500 dollars to get that price once ($100 for currently enrolled students). Both machines have full RAM and s Applecare, iWork 06, and the Pro has the faster HDD.

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