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New experiments, and some old - nil.enroll(aetheric_username, quantum_class_id)
yljatlhQo'! QIch lo'laltbebej!
New experiments, and some old
Typing left handed for a bit before I begin some self-bondage experiments. Right hand got some tingle today towards the end, so I finally recalled that I was supposed to buy a brace, as recommended here. After one wrong guess as to whether a CVSco was 24/7 (nope) I ended up following the Steve to the Wal-Mart of Doom (warps space-time, etc.). I got two Mueller Wrist stabilizers #6202. (Something like this) Got some Intuition ammo and a pumice stone, and the q-tips the roomie asked for.

There was a moment of mild humour when I had to decide which size of brace to get (I used the printout from WalGreens, marked the slack and guessed 7.5").

After a brief discussion with the roomie (and perhaps due to recent LJ news, you know who you are), I'm going to try not to eat anything for a couple days.

Going to reinstall Dapper here, although perhaps not tonight. For some reason, I installed amd64 last time, and now that I want to try ndiswrapper and related evil hacks .. I can't easily, so it gets nuked.

Okay, going to strap in ... hmmm watch has to come off ... *slides right and in, pulls straps, velco* .. Do I get a bonus to unarmed damage from these? Might be a dex decrease ... *does the left, tightens right to match better* I have no idea how tight these things should be ... Forehand parries should be much more effective, though *clunks wrist on desk edge for show*

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