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Wait, it's already Wed ?

So much for my Weekend Update type posts being on time ..

New roomate in, old roommate's crap all downstairs ... I'm currently you psaring you all the next batch of tricorder pictures

Moved furniture, shelved books and had a nice date, including a late lunch that could have been politically awkward in the extreme...

Scene: Two Gen-Xers whose parents were in the Vietnam War, enjoying some Pho (Vietnamse food) on Memorial Day ... but the pho was tasty as always, and there were no outbreaks of irony. We giggled in the parking lot after, and it kind of led to a discussion of national cemetaries ..

Work zaniness is peaking as the event draws nearer. Need to try and get in (back here..) around 10 (yes, about 9 hours from now)

Oh, and oddly enough I got responses on OKC from all of that. Whoops there's another .. wtf?

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