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Friday, Saturday

Friday night: Linux, bind, Windows 2000, apache, Mac OS X, IOS, IIS, dhcp, SDM ... madness
Saturday morning: ibid
Saturday lunch: yummy vietnamese with cosmiclola, and then ...
Mac OS X Server, VNC, firewall, snap drive, PowerKeys, keitai battery death

And then I caught up with lafemmedesfemme, salvaged, and senimchi for a couple hours , and finally got home too exhausted to actually move anything. Fooled around for a bit, ended up napping on the floor, woke up in time to squirm downstairs to watch MadTV and Stargate.

Quite the crowd of people coming and going tomorrow, complete with boxes, bins, clothes and furniture going both ways. It will no doubt be exciting.

I'm checking in on OkCupid and Friendster right now. I just opened tabs for about ten hits from OKC, all 73% matches, most in Decatur .. oh and all over 30 (new rule). I'll try and message at least half of them if I can, if only for practice.

messages sent on OKCupid tonight:
Have you finished the Baroque Cycle yet? I quite enjoyed nearly every page of the whole thing. It evoked fond memories of The Count of Monte Cristo, a very intelligent and complicated story with a bit of swash-buckle for flavour. Of course, I was already a big fan of Stephenson from Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon, and following the story backwards from C--- into the 17 C was great.

Of Rushdie, I have to say I have read Satanic Verses, and past that only Haroun and the Sea of Stories, which although juvenile was lots of fun. I suspect you would recommend his more recent work. I found him to be an amazing story-teller.

I have only read the first of Fire and Ice (A Game of Thrones). I was quite enthralled, but I am hesitant to continue until the cycle is fully published. My stubbornness in this comes in no small part from talking to too many Robert Jordan fans.

Fiction aside, your profile paints a picture of a very interesting and attractive woman. I hope to hear back from you,
Fellow gemini(s):
I say, what is the plural of Gemini, or is it already pluralized?

Mi espanol es muy malo, tal vez como Usted. Feliz cumpleanos y buscar una nueva novia que es bonita y divertida.

Wow, that was a stretch ;) From reading over your profile, it seems you are a rather interesting person who shares few interests with me. (I grew up on Heinlein, and it poisoned my young mind.) Due to that and a minor issue of speciation (soy nino), I will probably not get to know you, pobre mi .. so happy (early) birthday and good luck finding a pretty and fun new girlfriend.
If you'd like to, I certainly wouldn't mind going hiking with you sometime when you're in town. There are lots of lovely places just north of Atlanta, and I haven't visited any of them in a few years. Amicolola Falls springs to mind, and there are plenty of others at the various state parks well before you get to the real mountains.

You seem (from your profile) to be a sweet and interesting person, and I would certainly like to talk to you, if you are willing.
I hear the Chattanooga Aquarium is quite remarkable, and of course there's a rather large one downtown now, as well. I think an expedition of several people to either could be interesting and fun.

It seems you haven't checked by OkCupid in several months. If you do happen back this way, please drop me a line?
I'd like to chat with you. I must say I don't think I have seen the gerund camming used before. Did you happen to coin that? It seems more likely to refer to automotive mechanics ..

Hockey? Yes, please. I haven't been to a game since the Knights left town, and it's hardly the same to watch on television.

Silk? Oh gods yes. I've been unusually attracted to silk and other smooth fabrics since early childhood. It might explain my taste in clothes and pajamas...

I'm afraid I'm not familar with the Sun Sword books. Perhaps you can tell me about them?

I am also both allergic to, and inhabited by cat. (I grew up around them, too.) My best advice is not to rub a cat in your eyes. That seems to keep me from getting sniffley most of them time. Of course the Sun makes me sneeze, too, so ..

Do get in touch with when you move to Atlanta?
Video games, books, hair?
I found myself playing Sims 2 a few times (for several hours a stretch) a few weeks back when I was apartment-sitting for a friend.
A new and yet fascinating soul-sucking from the same mind that hooked me on SimCity, in black and white on tiny Macintoshes in middle school .. um, where was I? Oh yes, I did find that Sims may in fact be a useful experimental chamber for studying human behaviour, although I have yet to record any findings.

Civ games have pleasantly occupied my time often over the years. Alpha Centauri was particularly engaging, and freeciv (.org) will do as a fill in. Do you happen to Civ online?

McKinley's Hero and the Crown evokes strong pleasant memories, but I can't recall a thing about it or Blue Sword. Aren't they juvenile novels? I haven't read P&P but I did get to finish Sense and Sensibility, which was lots of fun. Well-executed dialog and subtle conversational warfare can make a great novel. I quite recommend The count of Monte Cristo for more of that.

Your hair sounds marvelous. Resemblence to Tori Amos (or Delerium/Delight for that matter) is worth showing off.

What's you Ph.D. in?
If you happen back by:
You haven't logged on since January, but if you do happen back by, I'd like to hear from you.

Reviewing your profile, I fear I meet many of your qualifications for conversation, and perhaps a few for survival. I am, in fact, a nerd, if one who is not good at college. I'm unlikely to be boring, in no small part due to a short attention span. I seem to have a huge smooshy bed (iron four post overstuffed queen, came with the room), and I'll be moving in another this weekend sometime (queen futon). I can give a pretty good footrub. I feel I can offer several different kinds of stimulation, starting with the conversational.

You are a attractive, smart, female programmer. I'll be in the line, just page me when you get to my number.

I must've played this episode of Ghost In The Shell: 2nd Gig four times straight now. I have been concentrating on the homework (see above) that I haven't actually seen very much of it. *opening techno track plays* mmmmm Now finishing up the fifth short answer, and chatting on IM. [Don't Delete] [Play] six? bathroom .. seven? South Park, Now looking at Friendster and Disinfo .. and goddess it's 4:30 in the morning

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