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And I got back to my couch at 5:30

Another battle in the campaign of Forced Socialization was fought tonight/ this morning.

It was a good party. There was minor Drama, but it was handled well. I got my claws (lightly) into a couple of attractive young women, and held the leash of another for awhile. Quite a few new people were met, and perhaps I'll actually see some of them again (Quite a few of them all work in the same place). One person I was particularly interested in getting to know better seemed friendly enough, but I never quite found the moment/courage to ask if she was spoken for. I did tell her I would like to see her again, which to my mind is quite unsubtle, if still perfectly polite. She may in fact already be embroiled in a social tangle I have previously avoided entirely.

Avoiding the presentation of the whole evening as a microcosm of my social life ...

I was overtly reminded that counseling is hard, and relationship counseling harder still, and still further that the mere attempt can complicate my life. If one more person had asked me why I was holding her leash ... *sigh* It was because I was trying to talk to her, and it served as a way to get her attention. Sadly, even the possiblity of having a bit of fun was subsumed by the other thing, but it was mildly amusing. It is probably something I should do more often, but finding willing victims ...

So, debriefing: Met new people, check. Flirted with new people, check. Accepted compliments: well, one for sure .. Random favours for strangers and family:dozen or so, Kills: zero Unconscious 'schoolgirls' left unmolested: one plus. And she was really quite attractive, too. Cats herded: two plus. Books read: zero, Pages read: 5 or so of Reviving Ophelia. Music or Author suggestions: some soundtracks, the Honor Herrington books, R.R.Martin's other works, and The Trial of Dragon Mountain, an AD&D module. People to look up on LJ now: just one
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